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A Truly One of a Kind Laser Sword

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This is a personal project that I crafted with the goal of having a truly unique and authentic feeling lightsaber. The lightsaber creates the illusion of a blade of light through an internal smoke machine and a bright green laser diode. Completing the experience is a speaker for sound effects. 

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G. 18650 battery in holder

H. Sabercore Viridian Soundboard

I. Speaker

J. 3D printed end cap

K. Hand cut chrome coated pipe

A. 40 mW green laser diode
B. Atomizer (smoke machine)
C. Lightsaber fx switch
D. Smoke switch
E. Kill switch
F. Air pump (smoke machine)

I created a poster to illustrate the inner workings and components of my build in a clear and stylish way.

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