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This is a multi-phase branding project for "Anchor" a men's body care brand which aims to be known and respected for its trust. A brand book was created in the voice and personality that justified the brand while also directing proper usage of the brand elements.

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Brand Book
& Touch Points

The brand book and touch points further develop the Anchor brand around its core mission and includes things not able to be featured here as well as expanding on the brand story.


The business card is clear and professional. The layout of information and design are influenced by vintage postcards which lend the familiar and nostalgic feelings Anchor aims to inspire.

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While Anchor does have a strong focus on classic and vintage design, it does not mean that modern design is lost on it. When appropriate, Anchor can pull off the sleek an modern while still maintaining its core values.

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Image Treatment

Anchor believes its distinguished trust is created through having experiences that are reliable, superior and straightforward.


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